Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, So Now I am Getting It!!

When I first thought, "Hey to Etsy shop" I had no clue as too how big this whole blogging "thing" was. Give me some slack, the nearest city with a mall or coffee house is an hour south of here, in high school I was kicked out of typing class.....yes, there was a class for that, you know type writers, those cool vintage INDUSTRIAL display props in beautifully decorated houses. Not to also forget that I do have three grandchildren. So now my daughter has created a beautiful blog, MaryJanesandGaloshes and I see how much she enjoys the whole process of blogging. She has three children all under 3 years old and so this is her outlet to some adult interaction. You know how that goes, learning the primary colors and watching Wonder Pets is all good, but a woman has basic mental needs beyond that! Play-doh can give you only so much artistic stimulation! So now I get know one of those AH HA moments. So maybe I will give this a try, heck, adding one more to do list is great for the ADD I more than likely have!

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