Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pal·ette {pállət}

Found that I could Click and Drag My Page Layout Options......Oh, like introducing a new crayon to the coloring box!!!

pal·ette {pállət}
(plural pal·ettes)
1: painting board for artist’s paints: a board or tray on which an artist arranges and mixes paints.
A traditional style of palette is an oval board that curves in near a thumb hole, so that the artist can hold the board steadily from underneath.
Also called pallet
2: painting range of colors used by an artist: the assortment of colors on a palette, in a painting, or typical of an artist’s work
3: comput color range of a computer display: the range of colors that can be reproduced on a computer display
4. arts qualities in nongraphic art: a range of qualities or elements in a nongraphic art such as music or literature

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