Friday, October 3, 2008

The Liver Sausage Dog

This is one of our two dogs, I will just refer to her as The liver sausage dog. If you have ever owned a Wiemar, you will know that they are an odd dog and bull headed. Three days ago I purchases 4 boxes of Iams weight control dog treats from the local scratch and dent store {I am too cheap to pay retail for these but at 2.11 per box, I can stock up.] Well soon after arriving home, Mike wanted to run an errand and so the boxes were places on the kitchen floor, they were sealed in a plastic shrink wrap and in the plastic bag, I thought nothing of it. Liver Sausage and the other dog, I will call her the fluffy dog, decided that the weight loss plan I had them on was too restricting and ripped into the boxes and consumed 2 boxes. So the remaining boxes went to the pantry, were they safe there? Nope....gone the next day.

Whom was dumber me or the dogs........? Me!

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