Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Pioneer Born 100 Years To Late

This blog wasn't on my list of things to do today, or this year for that matter. But events in life don't always fit onto my daily list of things to do. To begin, my husband Mike and I were both born 100 years too late. We love the back to basics, living off the land, harvesting and bartering. So my plan is to write about the odd adventures that we encounter every week, living out in the country along side the Amish in Wisconsin and then traveling south to Arkansas to our Cedar Stone Cabin that we built by hand by Myself, Mike, my sister, Kim and brother in law Roy in the winter of 2007. Built of cord wood construction and stone it rests on a natural rock foundation. So natural it blends right into the woods. Our plans: Wiscosin for the majority of the year, earning money in non traditional jobs then go south for the winters and live like pioneers, cooking from our antique wood cook stove, fish and bring out the true pioneers that we are. So here it begins, if you are a pioneer by heart, maybe you will enjoy my odd sense of humor.

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