Monday, March 2, 2009

Back To The Cabin

My husband and I along with my sister and brother in law built my husband's and my dream pioneering cabin last winter. We built this cabin by hand from cutting the pines down, to gathering the rock to my sister mixing the cement from shovel to mixer...water, sand, lime....water, sand, lime. My husband gave our cabin the name CedarStone, and it looks as though it were built in the 1800's. We feel blessed to have created such a wonderful retreat.
If you scroll down below where you would normally see my etsy shop listings, you will see that it is on vacation mode as of March 7th. It will be back up again once we get a CedarStone fix!
Thanks for stopping by, if you were at our cabin, you'd be offered some home baked bread with butter and honey and a cup of coffee with cream.......ahhh, a simple pleasures that never get old!

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