Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conversations With Brothers

Just recently my brother's father-in-law passed away after a very full and long life. My Sister-in-law and my brother have decided to sell his items on eBay, at the time they had 1 feedback [from a purchase they made], so this is all new to them, very new. He had listed a few items before he let me know that he was doing such. It's when he had a question for me regarding eBay, that I had learned that beautiful Civil War items had been listed and some auctions had already ended. I was eagar to see his listings, and there they were, items like a Civil War 1800's sword, and items of related Civil War treasures along with antique tools, buyer's dreams. What I was dropping my jaw over was the lack of pictures and the poor quality of those few pictures. You know that something is wrong when your list of questions from bidders is longer than the item's description itself. I hung my head low, and since the bidding had already started, too late to improve pictures. I don't recall for certain how many emails I sent him to explain the importance of 12 pictures, and a good description and Good pictures. I know that I called on the phone once. I must have sent enough emails, as I was informed that my sister-in-law had gone and purchased a new camera....ahhhh, I was so relieved. But wait, there's more....his pictures STILL SUCKED! So I have cut and pasted the final email exchanges between my brother and I, in regards to his sucky pictures. A key note, he would really like to retire early, he is only 51 years old, but he does want to retire and for he and his wife to live on a house boat.
I send:
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 18:53:44 -0600
Ok, so I know Iam a bitch...
So we can agree on that, lets get to the point....:smile:
Your pictures have improved. but damn it they still suck!
I am chuckling at this point. I hope you are too.
So, I have just an OK camera, I by no means am a photographer. I do edit my pictures and I reduce the size to 1000 px wide as required by etsy to fit their format.
Here is a link to my shop, look at my pics, and KNOW that I still suck as well [compared to other sellers} I just suck less that you do. It pains me to see your pictures. I know I are muttering "Shut up about the pictures already, we are having fun"
But here is my point...I always have ones, may not be valid, but it is indeed my point.

Sucky pictures = Less Money = No Retire = No Care Free Life On Boat.

Now That's gotta Hurt!

B I N G O!

He replies:
Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2009 7:14 PM
Subject: RE: Saturday
OHHHHHHH! I get it. You put pretty paper behind the stuff. Got it. Close ups are fairly easy now - you have to admit those are better. The midrange shots of larger items are tougher. My point
- Buy cheaper boat - retire pretty soon - medium fat wallet - don't have to worry about sucky pics!
Love mike

I reply:
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 20:09:58 -0600
A follow up from previous comment:


Buy A Cheaper Boat = Sink To Bottom Of Lake = Blub Blumb Blumb = Kids Take Sucky Pics Of Your Stuff.

He Replies:
That was awesome! We are still laughing. Love ya
So the question remains, do his pictures still suck?


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