Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Traits

I have three grandchildren which I adore. They are all so different. With being so close in age and two being twins, I am so curious how they can each be so different.

First To Arrive:
The oldest will turn 3 years old at the end of this upcoming month.
He is Papa's Boy {His name for Grandpa} He is Mike's shadow. From baby on he has a passion for tractors, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, scooters, lawn mowers, bicycles, and monster trucks. He loves to help fix and repair. He would be out in garage turning wrenches with Papa all day and night if he could.
He likes the out doors, is sensitive, and can be shy and shows fear about certain things. Though on the flip side, he loves to cozy up next to you to watch Handy Many, is often too rough with his younger brother, is up for going on adventures, and will climb a look out tower with out any hesitations.
He is bright, funny as well as being left handed and when tired, a thumb sucker.
When I look into the future what do I see him as?
The good, thoughtful boyfriend type. hard working with his hands and mind. Though my daughter had hopes for a preppy kind of child, he will be jeans and a T-shirt type. He will not be a trouble maker, he will follow the rules. He will do well in school, but want to be the teacher's helper more than the student. He will excel in the mechanical field and go to a technical college, or the school of Papa. He will ride a vintage motorcycle and explain to Papa why they NEED to buy that old beat up cycle at the auction. He will build, create, fix and tune. He will be happy sticking around home and content to just hang out in the garage with some good friends. He will be tried and true, eyes of blue!
Next The Twins.....

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LissaMe said...

your description of him makes me think of my oldest son..