Friday, June 25, 2010

Next Came The Twins

Do you ever get what you wish for? Do you think we see what is in our future..maybe little hints?

A funny thing happened when my daughter was pregnant with her first child. I was wishing for twins. I bought matching blue and pink baby socks, and wrote, "I can Dream" on the pack
age. I really thought she was having twins. Not that they run strong in our families. A couple of sets here or there. My maternal grandfather was a twin, my cousin has a set of boy twins, and my daughter's other side of her family has a few sets as well. But I just thought twins would be FUN!
So in route for Arkansas while my daughter was pregnant with her first, she called us on the cell phone to let us know that she had gone to the Dr's to hear the heat beat, Of coarse I asked, "Did they hear two heart beats?" Well they didn't, so it would be my mistaken physic visi
on. Or what ever it was. My daughter did not plan to get pregnant so quickly after the first was born, life just doesn't always happen as you might think it might. I went along with her to the Dr's every visit, just as I had for almost all of her first round. That included going in for an ultra sound, it seems that the Dr thought she was either further along than 11 weeks, or yep, pregnant with multiplies. And so I went along with her and Hudson to the ultra sound to see what might be causing her to be 'more pregnant" than scheduled. They said, "there is Baby A's head, and there is baby B's Head."
So how are they different from the first born and each other?

Where do I begin!?
That will be ne

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vintagesusie & wings said...

Wow, Grammy!!!! Sometimes I think the eyes of our heart see so much further then our real eyes. The magic of the heart is beyond explanation...
So Blessed,